About Us

Skip the entrée. What’s for dessert?

Have you ever seen those kids with their face smushed against the glass case filled with desserts? I was that kid!

It all started with being obsessed with dessert as a child, all those shiny glass cases filled to the brim, shelves packed with layered cakes, cupcakes of all flavors and colors. Pies, éclairs, rich fudgy brownies—my eyes could barely take it all in at one time. I would stand there amazed at the creations before me, and so began a lifelong love affair.

Years later, fast forward to life after college and in the working world sitting in an office. I was no longer the child drooling over the dessert case, but as an adult I longed to have the creative outlet that baking provided. At first, I’d bring in desserts a couple of times a week for co-workers. With a push from friends, I started selling my banana pudding on Saturday mornings at the local farmers’ curb market. The very next year Southern Living magazine included me in an article on banana pudding. Talk about a surreal moment!

After banana pudding came the scratch-made cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts. Pretty soon, we were making custom cakes and wedding cakes. Whether it’s the “just married” happy couple seeing their wedding cake for the first time or a little boy excited over the dinosaur on his birthday cake, I never get tired of seeing the joy that people get from Clara Marie’s desserts.

-Karla Comer